Ameba 2225 - 2226 power supply-not dimmable

The Vibia Ameba 2225 - 2226 power supply is an accessory for Ameba modules. The lamps were created by Pete Sans and are made in Spain.
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The Vibia Ameba modules can be connected together to an almost infinite number of configurations - your imagination knows practically no limits. It is offered as an accessory, the chrome coloured power supply, for DALI dimmable light variant and also for non-dimmable variant.

The electric cable can be attached to any of the modules. The Ameba modules are suspended on adjustable steel cables up to 4 m length. For installations on ceilings over 4 meters special ropes are on offer on request.

At a ceiling connection point, up to 25 modules can be operated. If you need help in configuring your personal light, please talk to us.


Country of Manufacture
ES Spain
Pete Sans
5.4 W
not dimmable

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