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The Share lamp series by the German manufacturer Bopp consists of a single LED floor lamp. The Bopp Share is a 180 cm high floor lamp that can be used both as a ceiling floodlight and as a reading light. The light source upwards can be switched and dimmed separately from the reading light downwards via two push-buttons integrated in the lamp. The reading light integrated in the luminaire head shines upwards until it is folded down and used as a reading light. The luminaire head of the Bopp Share can be rotated 350 degrees and the downward reading light can be tilted 300 degrees. The warm white light emitted by this ceiling washer can thus be directed to the spot where it is needed. The diameter of the luminaire head of this ceiling washer made of aluminium is 30 cm. The swivelling reading light is 12 cm long, 5 cm wide and 12 cm high. The stand-by interruption (on-off switch) of this lamp is controlled by a footswitch on the 160 cm long connecting cable. The round lamp base ensures a high stability of the lamp due to its diameter of 28 cm.

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