Catellani & Smith Full Moon

Catellani & Smith

The Catellani & Smith Full Moon collection consists of several wall lamps. With these lamps, the designer Enzo Catellani was inspired by the full moon, as the name of the collection suggests. Although these lamps are available in different sizes and colours, the full moon remains the central element of this series. The wall lights are offered in three sizes: with a diameter of 50 cm, 80 cm or 120 cm. All three lamps have a disc-shaped lamp shade that is illuminated by five lamp rods made of nickel-plated copper. The number of integrated LEDs varies depending on the size of the disc. The light is reflected from the disc into the room. The Catellani and Smith wall lamps are offered with different surfaces for the lamp shade. They are dimmable on site.

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Full Moon 50

Catellani & Smith

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Full Moon 80

Catellani & Smith

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