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The Catellani & Smith Luce d'Oro collection is a series from 1995 and includes a floor lamp and a table lamp. The designer and company founder Enzo Catellani insists on handcrafted production of the lamps. This creates unique light objects like these lamps. All lamps of this series have in common the central metal disc, which is available either with smooth gold leaf, silver leaf or in copper. In the versions with discs in gold leaf and copper, the connections between rod and arm are in brass, in the version in silver leaf, these connections are nickel-plated. Both the disc and the reflector are attached to a flexible light arm so that they can be placed in various positions. The reflector directs the light onto the disc from which it is reflected back into the room without glare. The Catellani and Smith Luce d'Oro Tavolo and F Terra fit into any room concept in a sophisticated way and can be perfectly combined with each other.

The table lamp Luce d'Oro Tavolo has a disc with a diameter of 30 cm. Due to the flexible movement of the light rod, the table lamp reaches a maximum height of 85 cm. This table lamp is powered by a GU4 LED. The table lamp already has an on/off switch on the cable. The floor lamp Luce d'Oro F Terra has a fixed, 150 cm high light rod and a flexible light arm above it. Its height can be adjusted between 210 and 230 cm. The disc of the floor lamp has a diameter of 50 cm. This lamp has an integrated dimmer, which allows different dimming levels with a slider. A GU5.3 LED is used for the floor lamp.

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