Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto

Catellani & Smith

The Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto collection is characterized by the modern LED technology and extraordinary design. The central element of each Sorry Giotto Light is the annular light body made of copper which is carefully painted blue. As bulbs modern 1 Watt LEDs, 2,700 Kelvin warm white are integrated. These are interchangeable. In addition, all Sorry Giotto lights are dimmable. The Sorry Giotto collection belongs to the family Eco Logic Light. In this large group modern, energy-saving LED lights are summarized which are regarded as particularly environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

A table lamp is available with the Sorry Giotto 1 and with the Sorry Giotto 3 a floor lamp. But the Sorry Giotto 6, 9 and 12 are certainly of particular interest. They have each an annular lamp body which is clamped by means of a tensioning cable and a base made of waxed iron between floor and ceiling. Thus, one could call this Sorry Giotto lamps both as suspension lamp and as a floor lamp. The height at which the light body is mounted, is freely selectable.

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Sorry Giotto 1

Catellani & Smith

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Sorry Giotto 12

Catellani & Smith

-3% discount on prepayment = US$3,054.00
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Sorry Giotto 3

Catellani & Smith

-3% discount on prepayment = US$3,229.00
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Sorry Giotto 9

Catellani & Smith

-3% discount on prepayment = US$2,133.00
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