Florian Schulz Inas

Florian Schulz

The Florian Schulz Inas family consists of two floor lamps Inas and Inas SD. The floor lamp Inas is the smaller of the two lamps and adjustable from 132 cm to 170 cm in height. Its conical lamp shade is made of beige silk and has a diameter of 35 cm at its lowest and widest side. The lamp base has a diameter of 24 cm. The light is controlled via a dimmer on the cord. The lights are offered by Florian Schulz in the metal surfaces brass lacquered and polished, lacquered brass brushed matt, nickel-plated brass, chrome-plated brass or nickel plated matt brushed brass. The Inas SD consists of the same materials, with 155 cm to 185 cm it is but larger and its lamp shade is cylindrical. The two Inas lights add to sophisticated and yet understated manner in any room concept and dazzle with its distinctive aesthetics.

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Florian Schulz

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Inas sd

Florian Schulz

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