Florian Schulz Sela

Florian Schulz

The Florian Schulz Sela lamps can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling and then add with their timeless design to a sophisticated way in any room concept. The lights take the form of a shell made of metal. These lamps can be dimmed on site. The Sela lights are offered by Florian Schulz in the metal finishes brass polished lacquered, lacquered matt brushed brass, nickel-plated brass, chrome-plated brass or nickel-plated matt brushed brass. The Ludwigsburg light manufacturer Florian Schulz emphasizes on an extremely high quality of each individual lamp. The processes are extremely accurate and high quality. This high demand on the quality of products ensures that Florian Schulz lights often accompany their owners a lifetime.

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Sela 40

Florian Schulz

-3% discount on prepayment = US$790.00
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Sela 55

Florian Schulz

-3% discount on prepayment = US$885.00
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