Foscarini Behive


The Foscarini Behive collection consists of the pendant lamp Sospensione Behive and the table lamp Behive Tavolo. The lights come from the pen of the designer Werner Aisslinger, who designed the lighting in the year 2012 Design. The Behive Sospensione emits a pleasant light that is combined with a downward light source. A cover inside the light hides the technical part. The luminaire body is made of white polycarbonate Behive Sospensione. The lamp is adjustable in height, you can choose whether it is supplied with a 2m long cable or with a 5m long cable. You can also choose whether your Behive Sospensione should have via a central or decentralized Baldchin. This fits wonderfully the shapely table lamp. The circular base of the lamp is made of matt ABS resin, the volume of which arises from the overlapping of rings of different diameters. The upper part of the lamp body of Behive Tavolo has internally a polycarbonate diffuser. The rings are made of ABS table lamp Behive with different diameters, lie down on the diffuser, thus producing the typical for Behive structure. The light of Foscarini Behive Tavolo emits upwards and is released simultaneously by the lamp body into the space. Through an integrated dimmer the light intensity can be adjusted as needed.

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