Foscarini Folio


The Foscarini Folio family consists of a series simple wall - and ceiling lamps in various sizes and for different light sources. The luminaires feature a lacquered metal support and a diffuser in blown satin glass. The glass is white inside and colored outside or in silkscreen-printed glass. The lighting Folio was designed in 1990 by Alessandro Vecchiato.

The simple yet sophisticated Folio lights are a typical example of the company's philosophy of Foscarini: The lighting manufacturer Foscarini understands it since 1981 to create one of the largest most diverse lamp collections industry. Driven by the idea of ​​continuous development and the search for a new form of expression and a new aesthetic, they work together with a huge portfolio of diverse designers. Moreover, Foscarini has a worldwidely ramified sales network and a dedicated customer service, which makes the enjoyment of lamps around the world possible.

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