The Gubi Multi-Lite pendant light is available with a chrome or brass ring. There are attached in each case two cylindrical shades, which are individually rotatable relative to each other. When both shades are turned upwards, the light is emitted directly downwards. If the shades are turned downwards, the light emits the light upwards. When both are aligned differently, interesting light and shadow effects are created and the light is emitted scattered.

The Multi-Lite with brass ring is available with white, black (charcoal black), blue or brass shades. The pendant lamp with chrome ring is offered with shades in chrome, white and black. The canopy is always matched to the ring in brass or chrome, while the cable colour is oriented on the surfaces of the shades: The versions with shades in completely chrome and black have black cables. When the shades are completely in brass or blue, the cable is in gold. The white versions are delivered with white cable.

The cable with a length of 400 cm can be shortened if necessary. Originally, the light was designed by Louis Weisdorf in 1972 and reintroduced by Gubi in 2017.

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