Holtkoetter 2541


The Holtkötter 2541 is a floor lamp which can be adjusted in height from 124 cm to 165 cm. It has a light arm with two joints, which can be adjusted variably. The lamp is available with a shade diameter of 40 cm or 50 cm. The shade colours sand, champagne and white are on offer for both versions. The 2541 floor lamp is also available in matt nickel, antique brass and polished brass. On the polished brass / matt brass surface, one part of the lamp is brass polished and the other brass matt. The floor lamp distributes its light mainly downwards. A small part of the light is emitted both upwards and diffusely through the shade into the room. The lamps are operated via a pull switch, whereby the floor lamp can be operated with halogen lamps or LED retrofits.

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2541 40cm


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2541 50cm


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