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The IP44.de Vic floor light is protected with the protection class IP65 very well against dust storage in the interior as well as water from any angle. The outside lamp emits its light upwards. Thanks to its ground spike, the lamp is very flexible as it can be inserted into the ground at any angle. The integrated Power LED has a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin warm white.

The Vic light is offered in two different versions: one version is equipped with a safety plug for the direct connection to the power supply. The second version belongs to the IP44.de plug-in system Connect. Both versions are equipped with a 500 cm long supply cable. The IP44.de Connect plug-in system is ideally suited to connect any number of outdoor lamps to one another and to connect it to the power supply. With the patented TWISTLOCK technology, this is very easy and fast. The TWISTLOCK latch locks automatically when the connectors are plugged together. The locking is released by simply turning. With the accessories of the Connect system, it is possible to connect lights at any distance above ground. Pre-installation and expensive assembly work are no longer required, and no earth cable has to be installed. Junction boxes, mains connection port and extension cables are offered as accessories for the plug-in system. In the Connect series the IP44.de lamps Vic, Piek and Shot are available.

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