Ingo Maurer Campari Light

Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer has 2002 Suspension Lamp Campari Light released; a design by designer Raffaele Celentano. The lamp is made of real Campari Soda bottles, which are held on the bottle neck. In its center is included the light source that distributes the light by the individual bottles. This extraordinary creation quickly became one of the most successful Maurer lamps. 2013 Ingo Maurer builted with Raffaele Celentano on this success and brought the Campari Bar on the market. The table lamp is also made of real Campari bottles and refracts light in addition by glass cubes that are above the light bulb. A magnificent light in the bar or dining area.

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Campari Bar

Ingo Maurer

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Campari Light

Ingo Maurer

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