Ingo Maurer Canned Light

Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Canned Light has a special design: The body consists of a Campbell's Tomato Soup tin. This is a tribute to the pop art image of Andy Warhol. It can be used as a pendant light or as a wall light. The height of the pendant lamp can be changed continuously at any time with a deflection roller and an adjusting ring. The light is emitted directly through a reflector, which is located in the can itself.

In the Ingo Maurer Canned Light pendant light the reflector is included, apart from this also the halogen lamp, the socket as well as a switch. When the can is opened, the installation accessory can be removed to hang it on the wall or ceiling. Both a surface mounting with a white cover plate as well as a mounting on a flush-mounted socket is possible. The lamp can be dimmed on site and, thanks to its durable material, is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, which is why it is also suitable for lighting kitchens. The cable with a length of 200 cm can be shortened if necessary. The pendant lamp was created by the designer team Christoph Matthias and Hagen Sczech in the year 2003.

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Ingo Maurer

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