Ingo Maurer Floatation

Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer Floatation pendant lights with three diameters

The Ingo Maurer Floatation is available in three different sizes. The largest lamp from this series, the Floatation 1, has a diameter of 120 cm. The middle Lamp of this collection is 100 cm in diameter, the smallest pendant lamp has a diameter of 75 cm. The pendant lamps of this series are made from Japanese paper which is intentionally creased. This creates a special light effect. The lamps can be adjusted at any time via an integrated iron ring, and the lamps are lowered by lifting a weight. All three pendant lights are available with two different cable lengths. They are available with a cable length of 200 cm or 450 cm.

The light is mostly directly downwards as well as indirectly upwards to the ceiling as well as on the shades themselves. This creates reflections on the shades. The canopy is made of white lacquered metal. Five high-voltage halogen lamps are required as light sources. The pendant lights are on site dimmable. If necessary, the shades of the lights can be replaced individually. The pendant lights are not suitable for rooms with high humidity. Ingo Maurer and his team designed the lighting collection as early as 1980.

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Floatation 1

Ingo Maurer

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Floatation 2

Ingo Maurer

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Floatation 3

Ingo Maurer

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