Ingo Maurer Lampampe

Ingo Maurer

Table lamp made of Japanese paper The Ingo Maurer Lampampe is a variable table lamp, mainly made of Japanese paper. The paper is creased as a design element during the installation of the lamp and remains stable. The screw ring on the metal base is tightened during assembly and the paper base is creased. This means that the paper base can be completely crumpled individually, depending on how it is desired. This makes every single lamp unique. The Ingo Maurer Lampampe is made of white paper and emits indirect light. Since the halogen lamp is covered in the shade, the light is also glare-free. The light is emitted both through the shade and through the lamp base. A switch is located on the supply line. Due to the used material, the light is sensitive to high humidity or temperature fluctuations. The lamp has a total height of 76 cm, the shade is 75 cm wide at its widest point. Ingo Maurer designed the table light in the year 1980.

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Ingo Maurer

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