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The Ingo Maurer Luxury collection was designed in 2004 by Ingo Maurer and his team. The first ceiling lamp was the Pure Luxury and 2009 was followed by Lil Luxury. Light and sublime - Luxury Pure and Lil Luxury seem to float in space. The ceiling lights are made up of three sails mounted under the ceiling and bathe the room in warm, golden or silver light. The Lil Luxury is a small ceiling light, but they are there even in white. To hang used ropes made of polyester. The canopy is made of high quality aluminum. Through the square hole in the middle falls vigorous and direct light downwards. The Ingo Maurer Luxury Collection creates in living spaces a pleasant, unique atmosphere. The Luxury Pure and Lil Luxury are refreshingly different lights from the house of Maurer, nevertheless clearly show his handwriting.

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Ingo Maurer

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