Kundalini Evita


The Evita family of luminaires made by Kundalini stands out, because of its attractive appearance. The diffuser is white inside, the lampshade in a strong red, beige, dove gray or available in white available. The luminaires of the Evita series - of course, other lights of Kundalini as the "Eero" or the "Floob" series - radiate beauty, sensuality and individuality, yet playful act partly because much working with colored details. The special look of the lamps reminds one of organic forms that you can not do so right to you, but still feels very comfortable surrounded by them. A particular example is the Kundalini series "Atomium" which takes up one of the smallest forms of existence known in physics: the atom. The substance from which all things are is given a smooth and sensual appearance serving as an eye-catcher in any room.

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