Licht im Raum Master

Licht im Raum

The Licht im Raum Master is an appealing floor lamp. You will brushed stainless steel in the surfaces, hand-polished , matt black or natural brass offered,. In order to offer its customers even more choice, the light of Licht im Raum has recently been produced in white. The luminaire copes two tasks in a perfect way: on the one hand, it provides the best atmosphere in a very strong light output. On the other hand creates the Master beside her diffusely radiating upward light another, direct, warm light, which is lit without glare dimmable and absolutely downwards. The lens optics can be swiveled. The Licht im Raum Master can be combined beautifully with all the lights from the diverse Ocular series. There you both matching pendant and wall lights are available. The Master floor lamps are property offers you with different bulbs: The Master Classic is equipped with a high-voltage halogen lamps that master low voltage with a low-voltage halogen bulbs. The Master Professional uses a metal halide-lamp. The Master LED is an appealing floor lamp with the latest LED technology. This distinguishes it from the other floor lamps of the Master collection, which relies on different halogen bulb.

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Master LED

Licht im Raum

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Master Low-Voltage

Licht im Raum

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