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The Justin White lamp series by Lichtlauf consists of a single table lamp. The Justin White by the German manufacturer Lichtlauf is a lamp that can create a play of colours. Three aluminium spheres emit white light of different colour temperatures: cool white, neutral white and warm white. Combined, they produce a clear white light. When this light falls on an object, shadows of different nuances are created - an unexpected moment. Three precisely adjustable polished aluminium spheres rest on rubber rings, so the shadows created can be aligned very precisely and create atmospheric effects. The diameter of each polished aluminium ball of the Justin White by Lichtlauf is 5 cm. The black cable, which serves as a supply line, is 250 cm long. This LED lamp has an on/off switch on the distribution box. Use the enclosed rubber rings to place the balls on it and align them as desired. This will prevent the spheres from rolling away and ensure that they maintain their alignment. Plug the included power supply into a wall socket. To switch on and off, press the switch on the distribution box. Place an object between the spheres and the irradiated surface and let yourself be surprised by the colour shadows.

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Justin White


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