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The Munich Reed lamp series consists of a single LED floor lamp. The MunichReeds outdoor floor lamp by the German manufacturer Lichtlauf fulfils the desire for atmospheric reference points in the nighttime space. Hardly visible during the day, this lamp creates a new perception of space in the dark. The 12 glass fibre stalks are flexible and stable, move in the wind and thus integrate very well into the surrounding vegetation. Suitable for flower beds, gravel areas or shallow water zones in semi-public and private areas. 12 light-conducting, handmade stalks create the impression of luminous grass. Due to the special manufacturing process, each blade of a luminaire is unique and allows the composition into unique clusters. The Lichtlauf MunichReeds finds its place in gravel or grass as well as in shallow waters. The outdoor floor lamp is 140 cm high and has a 100 cm long black connection cable. The black aluminium base is 14 cm long and 14 cm wide. This luminaire emits its white light all around and is protected against submersion with protection class IP67. The supplied floor junction box is dustproof with IP68 protection and protected against permanent submersion. The MunichReeds can stand in water up to a maximum depth of 20 cm. On request, this LED lamp is also available in the light colour amber. Extra-long connection cables are also possible on request.

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