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The SirSimon lamp series by the German manufacturer Lichtlauf consists of a single pendant lamp. The SirSimon by Lichtlauf floats in space like a three-dimensional free sketch. Each lamp consists of about 80 metres of copper wire, which is formed into a volume by hand and soldered. This special manufacturing process makes each SirSimon unique. The coating combines the structure into a luminous cloud. Part of the light of this light sculpture is emitted powerfully downwards, the rest is gently distributed upwards. The SirSimon pendant lamp is perfectly suitable for glare-free illumination of tables, but also as a light sculpture in many other areas. The integrated LED with an output of 12 watts has a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin. The light of the integrated LED is characterised by very good colour rendering with a high colour rendering index of Ra 90.

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