Luceplan Counterbalance


Luceplan Counterbalance lights with swiveling head

The Luceplan Counterbalance series includes a wall lamp, a spotlight and a floor lamp. Thanks to its swiveling arm, the wall lamp can be adjusted in the room. Acounterbalance with a compensating system made of gear wheels compensating the movements of the arm, thus guaranteeing the stability of the lampshade. The lamp arm can be swiveled horizontally as well as vertically. In addition, the head of the wall light is also pivotable and completely rotatable about its own axis. An on / off switch is integrated on the light head. The Counterbalance Spot is also equipped with a swiveling lamp head and an on / off switch on the lamp head. Wall lamp and spotlight are offered in black or white, while the floor lamp is only available in black. The lamp head of the floor lamp can be moved up and down as desired along the light rod and can be swiveled at the same time. An on / off switch is located at the rear of the lamp head. In addition, a dimmer with slider for stepless dimming is integrated on the supply line. The LED lamps were created by Daniel Rybakken between 2012 and 2015.

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Counterbalance Floor


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Counterbalance Spot


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