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Lumina Dot pendant lamps

The Lumina Dot family of lights includes three pendant lights that differ in size. The Dot 1100 is the largest of the lights with a diameter of 110 cm, the Dot 800 has a diameter of 80 cm and the Dot 600 with a diameter of 60 cm is the smallest lamp in this series. The diameter specification refers to the size of the reflector. In all versions of this collection, the head is equipped with a ring of LEDs and emits its light indirectly onto a disc-shaped reflector. The lamp head and reflector are connected by a metal rod. Different surfaces are available for the lamp head, while the reflector is always in white. The head is offered in brass, blue, red or black. The head is anodized for each light, i. the surface is oxidized to protect against corrosion. All sizes of the Dot can be dimmed on site. The performance of the integrated LED varies according to the size of the lamp: the smallest pendant lamp is equipped with a 23 Watt LED, the next larger lamp with a 41 Watt LED and the largest one with a 55 watt LED. The colour temperature is always 3,000 Kelvin warm white. In any size, the pendant light has a cable with a length of 300 cm, which can be shortened if necessary. Foster + Partners created the lamp in the year 2016.

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Dot 1100


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Dot 600


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Dot 800


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