Lumini Fool


The collection of the Lumini Fool has two table lamps with differently size. The Lumini Fool has a height of 64.1 cm and the shade has a diameter of 34 cm. The Mini Fool has a total height of 49 cm and the diameter of the lampshade is 29.5 cm. The special feature of these table lamps is the movable lamp base. It has weights which shift their center and the table lamp tilt back and forth. An acrylic ring fixes the lamp and the table lamp stands upright or in inclined position. The lamp base is made of stainless steel and the shade is made of felt. The shade and lamp base are available in different colours. A light source with a maximum power of 70 watts is used for the lamp. The lighting is regulated by a sensor dimmer, which is integrated directly on the lamp base.

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Mini Fool


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