Lupia Licht Liseuse

Lupia Licht

The Lupia Licht Liseuse lamp series has a single floor lamp. The Lupia Licht Liseuse floor lamp has a lamp arm with movable joints that can be realigned at any time. The lamp head of this LED floor lamp can also be rotated independently of the articulated arm. Thus, the Liseuse by Lupia Licht has a maximum projection of 47 cm. The height of the floor lamp can be adjusted from 100 cm to 145 cm. The lamp head is 12 cm long, 9.3 cm wide and 3 cm high. A touch dimmer is integrated in the lamp rod, with which you can control the light intensity of the floor lamp by touch. The Lupia Licht Liseuse floor lamp is available in the surfaces brass, matt nickel or black. The integrated LED of the lamp has an output of 12 watts.

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Lupia Licht

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