Lupia Licht Rack

Lupia Licht

The Lupia Licht Rack lamp series consists of an LED wall lamp with a flexible 35 cm long lamp arm and an additional light source to illuminate the wall. With the flexible luminaire arm, the light can be directed to where it is needed. The Lupia Licht Rack is made of aluminium and is available in black and white. Both light sources of the Lupia Licht Rack can be switched separately by switches in the wall bracket. The wall bracket of the Lupia Licht Rack has a shelf and an integrated USB port, which allows a smartphone to be charged. The wall bracket of this LED wall lamp is 16 cm wide, 12.5 cm high and 12.5 cm deep. This lamp is manufactured by Lupia Licht from Germany.

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Lupia Licht

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