Marset Scantling


The Marset Scantling is an extraordinary collection of luminaires created by Mathias Hahn in 2010. Out of this series you will find two floor lamps, one wall lamp as well as one table lamp at These are perfectly combinable with each other, of course. In terms of colour, you may choose between stone grey and white with the Marset Scantling. One commonality of these luminaires is their movable lampshade. Except for the Marset Scantling A wall lamp, these luminaires do have a pivoting luminaire arm. These Scantling lamps unify different materials and geometrical shapes. Thus, the socket and the stick of the luminaire are out of lacquered iron, the luminaire arm is made of massive oak and the diffuser consists of lacquered aluminium. By the way, no counterweights are needed to keep the luminaire arm in position. The Marset Scantling P40 floor lamp is the little floor lamp out of the Scantling series. The total height of it is 121.2 cm. Should the Scantling P40 be too little for your purposes, Wunschlicht offers the larger Marset Scantling P73 floor lamp. This one is approx. 15 cm larger than the Scantling P40, meaning it has a total height of 136.2 cm. The Marset Scantling A wall lamp is approx. 26.8 cm in depth inclusive its wall mounting. The switch of the Scantling A is to be found at the wall fastening. Apart from these luminaires, Wunschlicht has a table lamp out of this collection as well. It is called Marset Scantling S table lamp. This one has a total height of approx. 59.2 cm and it suits the other Marset Scantling perfectly.

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