Marset Vetra


The Marset Vetra lamp collection consists of three pendant lamps, a floor lamp and a table lamp. The pendant lamps are available in three sizes: with a diameter of 20 cm, 32 cm or 43 cm. All the lamps in this range have a diffuser in hand-blown glass. The light source is not inside the lamp shade, but outside it. An LED module integrated under the shade directs its light to the inside of the shade, from where it is reflected downwards without glare. In addition, some of the light also illuminates the shade from the inside. The pendant lamps can be dimmed on site. The Vetra P floor lamp is regulated with a foot dimmer on the supply line and the Vetra S table lamp with a sensor dimmer on the supply line. The rod and base of the floor and table lamps are made of painted iron. They are available in white or black for both lamps. The light rod always consists of two parts of different lengths, which emphasises the cable exit.

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