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The Oluce Agnoli 387 is a true classic - this is the very first lamp that the Italian lamp manufacturer has included in its program and which is still offered today. The floor lamp was designed by Tito Agnoli in 1945. Even later Oluce floor lamps were influenced by the design of a lamp head, which is movable along the rod. The lamp head generates direct light and can be rotated along the lamp rod and adjusted in its height. This allows the light to be reoriented over and over again. The floor lamp emits direct and glare-free light into the room. The light rod is made of nickel-plated metal. The lamp has a total height of 205 cm. The round lamp base is made of travertino marble and has a diameter of 17 cm. A halogen lamp with a maximum output of 48 watts is used as a light source. A Cornalux hammerhead lamp was originally used as a light source. This form is imitated in today's diffuser.

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Agnoli 387


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