Oluce Fiore


The Oluce Fiore collection consists of four wall and two pendant lamps. All wall lamps of the series can also be used as ceiling lights. The Fiore 139 is the smallest wall or ceiling light of this series with a diameter of 13.5 cm. It consists of a single, round lamp body, while the 123 and the 103 lights consists of three bodies and the 173 light consists of seven bodies. While the three bodies of the 123 lamp are arranged one after the other in a row, the bodies of the 103 are placed in a triangular shape. The pendant lamp 423 consists of seven round lamp bodies, the 433 has thirteen cohesive bodies. The shades are made of transparent, hand-blown glass, the structures are made of chrome polished metal. All lamps from this series can be dimmed on site and provide glare-free room lighting. As bulbs, halogen lamps with mirrored domes are used for each light. Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli created the series in 2007.

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