Oluce Lu-Lu


Oluce Lu-Lu floor lamps and table lamps

The Oluce Lu-Lu series consists of two lamps, a table lamp and a floor lamp. The Lu-Lu 211 table light has a height of 60 cm and a diameter of 14 cm. The 311 floor lamp is 173 high and has a diameter of 25 cm. The diffuser is made of high-quality Murano glass in opal white and the base is made of brushed metal. The island group Muran, which is located northeast of Venice, has been known since the 13th century for the manufacture of its mouth-blown glass. Stefano Casciani designed the collection in 1996. Both lamps have two Murano glass elements placed on top of each other, which are equipped with two lamps of different wattages. The lamps are equipped with a double switch, with which the upper part of the lamp body can be dimmed and the lower part can be switched on or off. The light is mainly emitted as ambient light and indirectly to the ceiling.

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Lu-Lu 211


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Lu-Lu 311


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