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The Oluce Plume 221 table lamp has a curved metal light rod. The shade is folded in the middle. The height is 50 cm, the outreach 55 cm. A high-voltage halogen lamp with a maximum output of 40 watts is used as a light source. This table lamp was designed in 2017 by Christophe Pillet. In the meantime there are available from this series in addition two wall lights. The wall lamps differ in the length of their arms. The Plume 158 has an outreach of 80 cm, the Plume 159 an outreach of 160 cm. With both wall lamps the lamp arm can be swivelled by approx. 160 degrees and the lamp shade can be rotated. They are regulated with an on/off switch on the supply line and connected with a plug.

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Plume 158


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Plume 159


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Plume 221


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