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The Serien Lighting Club lamps include a wall, a table and a floor lamp. All three lamps of this series are available with a shade in Chintz white or cream colour. The table and floor lamps are also available in various sizes. The Large version is the same as the Small version, but it has a larger shade diameter. The upper one and lower two lamps can be switched separately for the floor lamp. On the shade are integrated at the side two rotary knobs, one of which switches the light off and on and the other dims the light infinitely. The light is emitted from the floor lamp downwards and upwards directly as well as through the shade also diffuse into the room. The cable of the table and floor lamp can be rolled up in the base of the lamp. The frame for these two lamps is available in aluminum brushed or black lacquered. Also the wall bracket of the Club wall is available in these surfaces. Floor and table lamps are equipped with halogen lamps, while the wall lamp is equipped with a replaceable LED. The wall light can be dimmed by the customer.

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Club Floor

Serien Lighting

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Club Wall

Serien Lighting

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