Stilnovo Kyklos


The Stilnovo Kyklos lamp series comprises four pendant lamps and two wall lamps. From this series there are offered pendant lamps with one or two lamp bodies. The Kyklos P1 with one lamp body emits its light to the ceiling, from where it is partly reflected into the room. In the P2 with two bodies, only the lower, larger body contains a light source that directs its light upwards. The upper body of this lamp reflects the light downwards. All lamps from this series are available in white and bronze as well as in two sizes. The upper body of the P2 is always white. The smaller pendant lights are also available as DALI or dimmable versions with phase section dimmers. The two wall lamps in this group emit their light indirectly onto the wall behind them. All lights can also be dimmed with an optional Casambi module via Smartphone App.

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Kyklos P2 65cm, bronze, DALI


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