Vibia Flamingo


The Vibia Flamingo includes pendant lights with direct and indirect light distribution. The light source is located for the most lamps in a lamp body below the shades. The lamp body emits light upwards as well as downwards. A part of the light is directed upwards from the translucent shades and additionally reflected into the room. A lamp rod is located in the center of the light, and the lamp body is attached to the lower end of the rod. All lamps of this series are offered with different versions for lamp body and rod: graphite-grey, white matt lacquered, gold satined and copper glossy. There are offered lamps with conical and trumpet-shaped shades as well as two up to four shades. The largest shade has either a diameter of 70 or 90 cm. The shades are made of methacrylate, the lamp body with the included LED light sources is made of aluminum. The canopy and the lamp rod are made of stainless steel. A part of the lamps can be connected with a lamp cable independent of the current outlet. These lamps are regulated by an integrated cable dimmer, the other lights can be dimmed by the customer. By cutting the cables, the suspension height can be varied as required.

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