Vibia Halo Lineal


The Vibia Halo Lineal collection was created by the designer Martín Azúa, who designed the elongated lights made of matt white PMMA. Three pendant lights with two to six lights are composed of intersecting rod-like structures. They are height adjustable and can be hung from 250 cm up to 350 cm, in which each lamp body can be hung at different heights horizontally or diagonally. Efficient LED Strips 24V with each 15.8 Watt are included. The LEDs are electronically adjustable from 1-10V. The light output of the Halo Lineal lighting is gentle and is considered by Vibia itself as "" downright magical light "". The Spanish company Vibia from Barcelona was founded in 1987 and is in the lighting fixtures industry therefore still a very young company. Nevertheless Vibia has managed since to position itself nationally and internationally as a highly successful company. They are worldwide represented in 60 countries and have a large outpost in the US. Vibia pays special attention to his youth and emotional and creative approach to the subject lighting design and lighting design.

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