Vibia I.Cono


The Vibia I.Cono family consists of table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. Created by designers Lievore, Altherr and Molina for the Spanish lamp manufacturer Vibia, these extraordinary I.Cono provide for the lighting design community a safe way to correct selection of products and the buyer the pleasure to create their own spaces. The diffuser of every one I.Cono lamp is made of polycarbonate and is available by Vibia in the surfaces matt white, shiny white, shiny black and matt mink. As Table lamps are available the I.Cono 0700 with 56cm height and the I.Cono 0705, which has with 85cm a very large radius. As floor lamps Vibia offers the I.Cono 0710 with 127cm height and I.Cono 0715 with 123cm height and a wide radius of 95cm. The family is expanded by the wall lights I.Cono 0720 and 0725. Cause of their glossy paint the I.Cono wall lamps become an eye-catcher on every wall. "" The design of Vibia is easy to understand and pleasant, evolutionary, but not revolutionary and is expressed through its functional and material quality "", like Vibia on the home's own philosophy describes. Find this philosophy features in I.Cono collection again and delight in this pioneering lighting objects.

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