The Vibia Puck lights are a special eye-catcher in any room. The series Puck stands out due to the shaping. This is simple and refined or puristic effect depending on the model. The color white supports the elegant character of Puck. Made of high quality opal glass is Vibia not only on appearance but also on quality. The Puck series of Vibia includes 14 different lights, which differ in size, number of items and bulbs. Thus the Puck are 5400 and 5402 consisting of an element, ie a circular shape, with a diameter of 16cm, the smallest lights from the Puck series. The two differ in the bulbs, so that individual light atmosphere can be created. This pattern runs through all the lights. Accordingly, there are two lights, which are equal to the size and number of circular elements, however, require different bulbs. This should be considered when purchasing a Vibia Puck. Also consisting of an element are the Puck 5410 and 5412, which are greater with a diameter of 27,2cm as those mentioned above. For two joined circles pass the Puck 5425 and Puck 5427 as well as the Puck 5430 and Puck 5432. Available are also lamps of three circles (Puck 5435 and 5437) and four counties (Puck 5440 and 5442). The individual elements are not equally large. This creates a total organic form that beautifully brighten any space. The biggest lamps are the Puck 5445 and 5447, which form consisting of seven elements with a length of 80cm and a width of 79cm an impressive eye-catcher.

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