Vibia Slim


The Vibia Slim Series is a special highlight of the Spanish lamp manufacturer Vibia. The Slim series demonstrates an ingenious way, the creativity of the relatively young company. An unusually sleek shape here is the feature of the luminaire series, thereby making their behalf Slim honor. Kept very delicate and elegant, the Slim into any room and gives it a pleasant atmosphere. Here, the Slim be a discreet eye-catcher or an impressive highlight of the room, depending on the size and type of lamp. It will provide a variety of pendant lights from a flame to 22 burners to choose from. All feature the latest LED technology and are height adjustable. They will default lacquered in white fiberglass or carbon fiber available in black. If desired, you can also order a Slim Light in your personal favorite color with us. Should you be interested in such an individual Slim, you talk to us.

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