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The Less'n'more Dr Wattson Bedside Table is available with an Athene or Zeus recessed light. The bedside table has a white powder-coated aluminum wall bracket and a rotating storage compartment made of solid oak. The bedside table is 22 cm deep. It has a width of 30 cm and a height of 5 cm. The flexible lamp arm of the Athene or Zeus lamp can be stretched and bent as desired so that the light can be realigned at any time. At maximum extension of the lamp arm, the bedside table and lamp together have a height of 59 cm. The flexible lamp arm is available in the following colours: aluminum, textile black, white, anthracite, blue, green, red and brown. The arm is available in other colours on request.

Lamp head and rod made of aluminum are offered in the surfaces aluminum, black and white. A push button dimmer is integrated in the lamp rod. The beam angle of the light can be adjusted continuously between 25 and 100 degrees by turning the glass lens out of or into the lamp head. The beam angle determines the angle at which the light emerges from an LED spotlight. The larger the beam angle, the larger the illuminated area, but it will also be less bright because more area is illuminated. The Dr Wattson bedside cabinet is available in the versions lamp left or right on the bedside cabinet. The recessed lamp can be connected via a black supply cable with a length of 200 cm. Alternatively, the lamp can also be operated via a USB connection.

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Dr Wattson Athene Bedside Table DR-A


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Dr Wattson Zeus Bedside Table DR-Z


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