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The Less'n'more Jules Verne Battery Light JU-Y can be operated wirelessly with a rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for at least eight and a half hours. The floor lamp can be recharged via a USB cable, which is included in the delivery. The lamp base made of solid oak wood is ideal for transporting books, for example. The Jules Verne battery lamp JU-Y has an aluminum lamp head that can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 135 degrees. The height of the floor lamp can be adjusted from 85 cm to 135 cm. A leather loop is integrated into the lamp rod, with which the height of the lamp can be easily adjusted. A push button dimmer is located on the lamp head.

The lamp head of the Jules Verne floor lamp is available in the colours glossy black, matt black, glossy white, matt white and polished aluminum. The lamp rod is always in aluminum. The beam angle of the light is adjustable between 25 and 100 degrees by turning the glass lens out of or into the lamp head. The beam angle determines the angle at which the light emerges from an LED spotlight. The larger the beam angle, the larger the illuminated area, but it also becomes less bright because more area is illuminated. The heat that is generated when the lamp is switched on is optimally dissipated by the lamp head, which means that the beam angle of the lamp can be adjusted at any time if required. The rechargeable battery lamp is operated with an integrated LED that has a colour temperature of 2,700 Kelvin extra warm white.

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Jules Verne Battery Light JU-Y


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