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The Less'n'more Ringelnatz table is offered with an integrated Ylux or Athene floor lamp. In both versions, the coffee table is 38 cm long and wide and has a height of 40 cm. The table has two legs made of oak wood and a white matt lacquered wooden table top. The Ringelnatz table with integrated Ylux lamp has a lamp head that can be rotated by 350 degrees and tilted by 135 degrees. It has a rotary dimmer. The jointed arm of the lamp can be rotated and swivelled as desired via a leather loop. The floor lamp has a maximum height of 145 cm. The Ringelnatz Ylux Table RI-Y is available with a lamp head in the colours glossy black, matt black, glossy white, matt white and polished aluminum.

The Ringelnatz Athene Table RI-A has a flexible lamp arm that can be turned and bent as desired. At maximum extension of the lamp arm, the lamp is 150 cm high. The lamp arm is available in the following colours: aluminum, textile black, white, anthracite, blue, green, red and brown. Lamp head and rod are offered in the surfaces aluminum, black and white. A push button dimmer is integrated in the lamp rod. This lamp can be operated via a USB connection instead of the conventional plug-in cable. The beam angle of the light can be adjusted for both lamps by turning the glass lens out of or into the lamp head. The beam angle determines the angle at which the light emerges from an LED spotlight. The larger the beam angle, the larger the illuminated area, but it is also less bright because more area is illuminated.

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Ringelnatz Athene Table RI-A


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Ringelnatz Ylux Table RI-Y


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