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The Less'n'more Stereo-SL floor lamp can be adjusted in height from 98 cm to 148 cm. The base of the lamp can be tilted by 20 degrees. Its two lamp heads can be rotated separately by 350 degrees. In addition, they can be switched and dimmed separately via a push button dimmer on one of the lamp heads. By adjusting and switching the lamps differently, the floor lamp can emit direct and / or indirect light at the same time. The lamp is supplied with a translucent light sail that can be placed over the lamp heads. This allows the light to be directed completely into the light sail so that homogeneous room lighting is created. By adjusting the two heads of the lamp differently, it is also possible to direct only one part of the light into the light sail and to emit additional light upwards or downwards. On top of the lamp heads there is an element reminiscent of a microphone. The lamp heads as well as the height-adjustable lamp rod are made of aluminum and are always available in the same finish. The polished concrete lamp base is available in grey, white or matt black lacquer. In addition to the conventional power supply, the Stereo-SL floor lamp can also be operated via a USB connection.

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