Filo Tavolo

[Andrea Anastasio]
The Foscarini Filo Tavolo table lamp has a china shade and two glass elements. This lamp is available in different versions.
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  • Voltage suitability: 110 - 240 Volt

The Foscarini Filo Tavolo is a Table lamp with semi-diffused and direct down light. The base and the rod that support the cable and decorations are made of powder coated metal. The round electrical cable is covered with coloured fabric, the ON/OFF switch on the cable is black, as is the plug. The two decorative elements are made of entirely hand-crafted mould-less hand-blown glass. The different shapes and decorations are conferred directly to the product during processing. The lamp shade, which contains the retrofit LED lamp, is made of china and its shape is obtained in a mould. The seven default versions differ in the colour of the cable, and in the shapes and colour of the glass elements and in the colour of the base.

This lamp is offered in seven versions:

Version 1: name of the lamp: Amethyst Queen cable colour: grey-black
  colour glass elements: grey and rose base colour: grey
Version 2: name of the lamp: Eastern Coral
cable colour: red
  colour glass elements: white and white
base colour: grey
Version 4:  name of the lamp: Teodora cable colour: green
  colour glass elements:  orange and blue base colour: white
Version 5: name of the lamp:  Southern Talisman cable colour: brown
  colour glass elements: clear and green base colour: green
Version 6:  name of the lamp: Ruby Jaypure cable colour:  green
  colour glass elements:  red and white base colour: red
Version 7:  name of the lamp: Izmir cable colour: red
  colour glass elements:  blue and white  base colour:  white 
Version 8:  name of the lamp: Emerald King
cable colour:  red-white
  colour glass elements: red and green
base colour: grey


Country of Manufacture
IT Italy
Andrea Anastasio
Year of design
H 58 cm
glass, metal, porcelain, Textile
lamp stand dimensions
∅ 20 cm
cable length
160 cm
bulb exchange
on site itself
socket/light fixture
on the lead
4 W
Colour Rendering Index
Luminous flux in lm
light distribution
Color temperature in Kelvin
3,000 warm white
Scope of delivery
LED 230 Volt
voltage suitability
110 - 240 Volt

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