Kaiser Idell Pendant lamps

Pendant lights are ideal for lighting the dining table, it will stand on the reception counter, a bar or at the workplace for the perfect lighting. When hanging a pendant light over the dining table, it may be advantageous if this is via a pull mechanism adjustable in height and emits glare-free light, thus you will not be blinded when eating, or the lamp depends on the amount of their head interlocutor. For longer tables, the installation of longer or more lamps hanging lamps suited to each other, either via a rail system or across multiple canopies, since only so the optimum illumination of the entire table can be guaranteed. But there are also many pendant lights that can be used as a design element and can serve as the primary light source for a space. The arrangement of several pendant lamp of the same type at different heights close to each other can lead to amazing light effects.

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