Casambi was founded in summer 2011 by Timo Pakkala, CEO, and Elena Lehtimäki, CTO. They started from the premise that smartphones and wireless technologies would change the way everyday objects are perceived. Pakkala and Lehtimäki have many years of experience in developing innovative software solutions for both Nokia and start-ups.
The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, a radio technology that allows devices to be connected to each other without the need for a network. This technology is used in all modern smart phones, tablets and even smart watches. Bluetooth Low Energy was developed by the Nokia Research Center, where both Pakkala and Lehtimäki worked at the time. This is why Casambi recognized the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy very early on and implemented it.
Today Casambi is the market leader for modern wireless light control solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy. The key points here are great user experience, high performance and scalability, from individual basic control solutions to industrial control solutions with cloud operation to data acquisition and evaluation. Casambi technology is applicable to high-voltage halogen lamps and LEDs. This eliminates high application costs and additional hardware requirements.

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