Dipping Light Portable

[Jordi Canudas]
The Marset Dipping Light Portable can be repositioned again and again thanks to its wireless operation with rechargeable battery. The battery-powered lamp can be dimmed to three brightness levels via a dimmer on the lamp base.
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  • bulbs included
  • Voltage suitability: 110 - 240 Volt

The Marset Dipping Light Portable is a table lamp with a rechargeable battery and can be operated wirelessly. It can be charged using the USB cable supplied. Depending on the brightness setting, the battery lasts between five and twenty hours. The Dipping Light Portable has a 3-step dimmer on the base of the lamp. The lamp can be dimmed in three brightness levels (25%, 50% or 100% brightness) by briefly pressing the dimmer several times. Pressing it again briefly switches the battery-powered lamp off. Pressing the dimmer continuously sets immediately the maximum brightness level.

The Dipping Light Portable has a lamp shade with several layers of colour. The lamp shade is made of hand-blown glass and has a diameter of 12.5 cm. The colour layers of the lamp shade change the colour of the light emitted. Even when switched off, the layers of colour arranged in concentric circles are clearly visible. The battery-powered lamp is available with a lamp shade in the surfaces off white, blue, green, pink and amber. The total height of the lamp is 22.2 cm. The cylindrical lamp base is available in brushed brass and graphite. An LED is included as illuminant. A disc with magnet and a magnet are offered as accessories. The disc with magnet can be slid under a tablecloth, for example, to fix the battery-powered lamp on table surfaces. With the magnet the lamp can be fixed on metal surfaces.


Country of Manufacture
ES Spain
Jordi Canudas
Year of design
H 22 cm
Shade diameter
13 cm
lamp stand dimensions
∅ 6 cm
Dimmer at lamp base
3.5 W
Colour Rendering Index
Luminous flux in lm
Color temperature in Kelvin
2,700 extra warm white
Scope of delivery
voltage suitability
110 - 240 Volt

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