Nenufar Pre-Set 3A

[Joan Gaspar]
The Marset Nenufar Pre-Set 3A consists of three Nenufar 3 single lamps, each with one light rod and three lamp shades. The three lamps are suspended from a canopy.
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  • bulbs included energy class A+
  • Voltage suitability: 230 - 240 Volt

The Marset Nenufar Pre-Set 3A pendant lamp consists of three Nenufar 3 pendants which are suspended from a canopy. Each of the three Nenufar 3 has a chrome-plated iron light rod to which three polycarbonate lamp shades are attached at different heights. The lamp shades on one light rod are arranged at 120° angles to each other so that they do not shade each other. In this way, the light is emitted directly downwards without hindrance. Each individual lamp shade has a diameter of 17 cm and is operated with an integrated LED. As standard, the lamp is supplied with a colour temperature of 2,700 Kelvin extra warm white, on request it is also available with 3,000 Kelvin warm white. The canopy has a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 6 cm. On request the Nenufar Pre-Set 3A is also available as DALI or 1-10 Volt dimmable.

In addition to this pre-configured Nenufar Pre-Set 3A, there are also available pre-sets with other combinations of individual lamps as well as single lamps with three lamp shades. In order to be able to combine the single lamps freely with each other, surface-mounted or recessed canopies are also available for individual combinations.


Country of Manufacture
ES Spain
Joan Gaspar
Year of design
B 50 cm | L 50 cm
Iron, polycarbonate
Shade diameter
17 cm
height adjustment
height determinable
system performance
9 x 9 Watt
Total luminous flux in lm
light distribution
Color temperature in Kelvin
2,700 extra warm white
Suitable for EEK
A++, A+, A
Scope of delivery
voltage suitability
230 - 240 Volt
canopy dimensions
∅ 40 cm, height 6 cm
total height
363 cm

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