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The Escale Medusa lamps are imaginative lighting objects Mosru Mohiuddin designed in 2008 for Escale. The Medusa wall lamp is a winning combination that recalls the old with a classic antique fire bowl, on the other hand with energy saving LED technology meets the modern zeitgeist. It consists of smoothed aluminum, the reflector bowl is available in the noble surface gold leaf. Their light the Medusa emits glare-free upwards, so that your room is illuminated very pleasant.

Sizes and specifications

The bowl of the Medusa wall lamp has a diameter of 14 cm. It is located on a shelf with a length of 18 cm. The height of the lamp as a whole is at 6 cm. Two LEDs, each with an output of 3.2 watts are integrated. The light is projected indirectly on the wall behind the light.

Pendant lamp

The canopy of Medusa pendant lamp and the lamp body are also made of smoothed aluminum. At the lamp body are 6 reflector bowls which are fitted with energy-saving 3.2 Watts LEDs. The reflector shells can be ordered in the same noble surface as for the wall light, namely gold leaf.

The body of the Medusa pendant light has a length of 120 cm, the reflector bowls each have a diameter of 16 cm. It can be up to a maximum length of 140 cm depend, it is individually adjustable in height. These two Medusa lights are a departure for new spaces where time and zeitgeist play no role, combining ancient and modern together!

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Medusa pendant lamp


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